Kelmscott Driving Lessons

Wendy Is A Local. Get A Driving Lesson In Kelmscott.

Kelmscott is a district with a diverse range of driving conditions. You’ll encounter multi-lane roads, high traffic at peak periods, steep hill starts, traffic lights, stop and give way signs, railway crossings, round-abouts and plenty of shopping areas for parking.

Prepare for your driving assessment with Wendy, an experienced local driving instructor who is familiar with road conditions in Kelmscott and surrounds and is DoT certified.

Amazing Humans That Recently Passed Their PDA.

Its simple to book Wendy

1. Call or email Wendy and book a driving lesson.

2. Wendy will meet with you at your chosen location.

3. Wendy will teach you everything you need to know.

4. Once you are ready, Wendy will help you book your PDA.


It will depend on experience and time spent on the road . We will tailor lessons according to experience and driving abilities.

Yes you can apply for a learners permit at Department of Transport. Overseas conversions may differ.

We can meet and arrange lessons at most DoT offices.

Yes once trained up we will practice in most traffic conditions where possible.

Yes once ready we put students through a mock PDA with the exercises used by the Dot in real life PDAs.

Yes highly recommended.

Yes all parking techniques are taught and practiced.

We provide the vehicle usually booked for a lesson test .Dot do not provide a vehicle.

Lessons start at $60 an hour including instructor and vehicle.

Yes our vehicles are fitted with dual controls for everyone’s safety.

Yes we can fill your log book day and night hours provided lessons are undertaken.

Yes , Dot approved number 8830.