Armadale, Kelmscott, Byford & Surrounds Driving Lessons

Wendy’s Wheels are a modern Hyundai i30 with dual controls for everyone’s safety.

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Obtaining a drivers licence is a major event in anyone’s life. It is a skill that most of us need to go about our daily routine. Consider a licence to be a gateway to freedom and a lifetime qualification.

Wendy’s car is an automatic, dual-control late model Hyundai i30

1. Book A Driving Lesson

Ready to start learning the skills to drive safely? Wendy takes teaching people to drive as a serious business and has over 40 years experience on Perth roads and a keen motorcyclist for the past 10 years. So if you have never driven or have some experience, Wendy will teach you the skills needed to be a lifetime driver and pass your practical driving assessment. 

2. Wendy Will Meet With You

Whether you are at home, school , or work or even a local train station, Wendy will meet you where it is most convenient to you. Wendy also regularly meets students at their local Department of Transport test centre (Kelmscott, Success, Cannington).

3. Receive Tailored Driving Lessons

Wendy has the experience and perception to tailor her instruction to what a student actually requires. Not everyone needs the same lessons or learns at the same pace. Wendy will help you with your driving requirements from start to finish in a way that is most helpful to you – ensuring a future of skilled safe drivers on our roads.

4. Book Your Mock PDA & Get Ready for Your P’s

Once you’ve received your lessons, and Wendy can tell you’re almost ready for your Practical Driving Assessment – she’ll take you through a mock PDA that emulates the conditions and requirements of the actual Department of Transport PDA. During this mock PDA, you’ll be able to tell exactly what you need to polish off your driving and get yourself ready to pass your driving assessment.

Simply Amazing

I was really nervous about driving,
and especially about passing my test but Wendy
had the patience to take me through it
step by step and help me gain the confidence
I needed to be a safe driver. Absolutely thrilled
I passed my test and highly recommend
Wendy for driving lessons!

Affordable Driving Lessons

1 Hour

  • Automatic Car
  • Tailored Instruction
  • Learn At Your Pace
  • Patient Instructor

2 Hours

  • Best Use of Time
  • Tailored Instruction
  • Discounted Rate

Lesson + PDA


  • Final lesson before PDA
  • Use of car for your PDA
  • Kelmscott Licensing Centre
  • Add $20 for Cannington & Success Licensing Centres

Learn the skills it takes to drive safely!

The most important driving skills are the ability to identify AND respond to potential hazards and to know how to drive in different conditions.